Donations connect kids to Internet

Donate Computer
Put That Old Laptop To Good Use

Donations can connect kids to the Internet and help school-aged children from falling behind.

It may seem hard to believe but there are thousands of school-aged children across America who do not have access to the Internet.

Translation Software Can Communicate In Real-Time

Translation Software
Real Time Translation Software - Is It Possible?

Earthlings may soon be conversing with each other regardless of language spoken.

  Imagine vacationing in another country and communicating with the locals without having to learn a new language! Or having to use translation software which for the most part is still cumbersome.

Cybergangs Targeting Mobile Shoppers

stop cyber crime
Cybergangs May Be Watching

Cybergangs stealing the debit card and bank account details of online shoppers.

  Mobile device usage has dramatically risen in the past year with more and more shoppers making purchases online.

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